Modern Love to reissue Leila's classic album, Like Weather, for the first time

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  • Newly remastered, the 1998 LP is coming out November 20th.
  • Modern Love to reissue Leila's classic album, Like Weather, for the first time image
  • Like Weather, the classic 1998 album by electronic songwriter Leila, is being reissued for the first time later this month. Out November 20th on CD, vinyl and digital, the newly remastered release is a collaboration between Modern Love and Thank U Records. The LP originally came out on Rephlex in 1998 after Leila, AKA Leila Arab, connected with label owners Richard D. James and Grant Wilson-Claridge while playing keys in Björk's band. "Both Richard's and Grant's input and opinion were important," says Arab, "especially Grant who (as a fan of Prince and soul music) had a very big heart for vocal music (a lot of the techno boys had very little stomach for vocals which is why they made such engaging instrumental music where the machines did the talking)." She adds about the reissue: "So why all this time later? Hmmm curious one. Rephlex only owned it legally for seven years and all the other times where the idea of re-releasing came up always felt contrived and obvious. Doing a new remastered reissue with a label like Modern Love felt the most true to the spirit of the original release (out of nowhere and in an unexpected place)." Listen to Like Weather.
    Tracklist 01. Something 02. Don't Fall Asleep 03. Underwaters (One For Keni) 04. Feeling 05. Blue Grace 06. Space, Love 07. Knew 08. Melodicore 09. So Low... Amen 10. Misunderstood 11. Piano String 12. Won't You Be My Baby, Baby 13. Away Modern Love / Thank U Records will release Like Weather on November 20th, 2020.