Steffi celebrates 20 years of her Klakson label with three EPs

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  • Out in December, the 12-inches include a collaboration between Steffi and DJ Stingray.
  • Steffi celebrates 20 years of her Klakson label with three EPs image
  • Steffi will celebrate 20 years of her Klakson label with a trio of 20in20 EPs. The longtime Panorama Bar resident says the label has allowed her to work with an amazing group of artists that have been "joining me on this long journey and let me release their best work on Klakson." She adds: "Community has been the main drive for me. Emphasize new talent, building, growing, hand in hand with the support of my pool of solid regulars." The three 12-inches hew close to the techno and electro focus of the label, with a collaborative cut from Steffi and DJ Stingray, plus music from label alumni such as 214, Sepehr, Privacy and Duplex. kl-20in20a, kl-20in20b and kl-20in20c will be released on vinyl December 7th, with digital versions dropping December 11th. The triptych will also be available together as a box set, packaged with a T-shirt. Listen to clips from all three 12-inches.
    Tracklist kl-20in20a A1 214- Misty Spot A2 D_Roots - Outset B1 Mesak - Levari B2 Duplex - Dark Solar kl-20in20b A1 Sepehr - N.W.O. A2 Hadone - Futuristic Spell B1 Steffi&Stingray - Explanatory Power B2 Watching Airplanes - Blue Is Dope i>kl-20in20c A1 Fastgraph - Prevail A2 Privacy - Python B1 Negroni Nails - Reprogram/Rewrite B2 Luxus Varta - Ohmschein Klakson will release 20in20 on December 7th, 2020.