Legendary synth designer Chris Huggett has died

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  • The English inventor, whose innovations included the EDP Wasp and Novation Bass Station, passed away on October 22nd.
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  • Chris Huggett reportedly died of cancer on October 22nd. The British synth designer changed the face of electronic music with innovative machines used for decades by artists, from 808 State to Arca. In 1977, Huggett cofounded Electronic Dream Plant (EDP), a small shop that would produce distinctive and highly-collectible synths like the Wasp, Spider and Gnat. He'd go on to start the Oxford Synthesizer Company (OSC) in 1982, producing the similarly infamous OSCar synthesizer. In the early '90s, Huggett served as a design consultant for Akai and Novation. In the latter capacity, he worked on the development of the Bass Station, which incorporated oscillators similar to those used on the Wasp. He'd go on join Novation full-time to design the Supernova analogue-modelling synthesizer, release in 1998. Huggett continued to make waves in the following decades with his design for the Bass Station II, Peak and Summit, synthesizers containing Huggett signatures like the multi-functional use of synth keys and dual filter combinations. Synthesizer enthusiasts have been mourning the legendary designer.
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