Watch the video for Toronto artist Roam's new single, 'Fools Errand'

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  • The garage tune is inspired by life in the pandemic, with a video co-directed by Roam and Jamie Hurcomb.
  • Watch the video for Toronto artist Roam's new single, 'Fools Errand' image
  • The video for Roam's new single, "Fools Errand," is out now. The Toronto garage producer released an album, The Wraith, earlier this year, which featured in one of our Bandcamp roundups back in May. Since then, he's released a few more singles, including "Fools Errand," which now has a video treatment courtesy of Jamie Hurcomb. "The song came to me about three-and-a-half weeks before the release of my album The Wraith, and was a result of what I felt and witnessed from others as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic," he says. "A lot of cancelled plans, stalled ambitions & elevated concerns about both our individual and collective well-being due to poor political handlings seemed to be creating or exacerbating a lot of pre-existing anxiety and existential dread. Then when you throw quarantine and physical distancing restrictions into the mix, trying to reach out to someone (who's probably also struggling) for help and a genuine connection can feel like a fruitless endeavour—a 'Fools Errand.'" "Shortly after the album was out my friend Jamie (a genius editor and director) approached me with the idea of repurposing archival public domain footage for a music video, and we agreed that paralleling the world's current situation with archival footage from earlier eras would be the best way to illustrate the song, capture the zeitgeist (providing a 'time capsule' of this year) while also showing that if we've lived through it in the past, we can live through it again."
    Check out Roam's most recent album, The Wraith. "Fools Errand" is also available on Bandcamp.