San Francisco party As You Like It launches label with Christina Chatfield EP

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  • The first release, Chatfield's Ascent/Descent EP, with remixes from Noncompliant and Tin Man, is out in November.
  • San Francisco party As You Like It launches label with Christina Chatfield EP image
  • Long-running San Francisco party promoter As You Like It is starting a label this fall. As You Like It Recordings is meant to highlight new, up-and-coming or lesser-known talent in the Bay Area, including artists that have worked with the crew over its ten years in business. The label's releases will be split into four themed branches: sequoia, cedar, oak and cypress. Cypress will focus on artists who have "roots" in the Bay Area but no longer live there; Cedar is a digital-only label for Bay Area artists; Oak is a tribute to Johnny Igaz, AKA Nackt, who died in 2016's tragic Ghost Ship fire, with half of the label's proceeds donated to a local social justice organization; and Seqouia, which will release new music from Bay Area artists. Each Seqouia record comes with four remixes, two from Bay Area artists and two from producers elsewhere. The first release comes from a longtime As You Like It resident, Christina Chatfield, in the Sequoia format. Her Ascent/Descent EP features four new originals along with remixes from Noncompliant, Tin Man, Tape Ghost and Lily Ackerman. Chatfield is known for her live sets, and has an album coming out on Mysteries Of The Deep later this year. Listen to clips of Ascent/Descent and check it out on Bandcamp.
    Tracklist 01. Ascent 02. Ascent (Tin Man's All Hearts Mix) 03. Ascent (Noncompliant's Persist Mix) 04. Descent 05. Descent (Tape Ghost's Terminal Velocity Mix) 06. Energies 07. Energies (Lily Ackerman's Wormhole Mix) 08. Flutters As You Like It will release Ascent/Descent on November 27th, 2020. Photo credit: Tim D Coy