Mark Hawkins drops Marquis Hawkes alias

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  • "I have decided the time is right to revert to my birth name for all future releases and performances," he said in a statement.
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  • Mark Hawkins, FKA Marquis Hawkes, will be known by his given name from now on. The UK artist confirmed the news in a statement via the Houndstooth Facebook page earlier today. "In light of recent events concerning the heightened awareness of issues involving ethnic minorities, in particular the Black Lives Matter protests of which I am in full support, I have decided to drop the artist name I have used for the past eight years, Marquis Hawkes, and revert to my birth name of Mark Hawkins," he wrote. The statement goes on to explain the roots of the controversial alias, which he says was partly inspired by his love of late house artist Kenny Hawkes. "I never considered the name 'Marquis' to be a Black name when it was presented to me," he added. "Whilst I did not create the name myself, I agreed to the use of it so I take full responsibility for any offence it may have caused." Hawkins has faced criticism for the alias going back years. In 2012, he released the Cabrini Green EP, named after a much-neglected housing project in Chicago. Critics have long accused Hawkins, a white man, of co-opting Black culture for his own gain. Before launching the Marquis Hawkes alias in 2012, Hawkins used his own name on releases, with records dating back to 1999. Read Hawkins' statement in full.