Hood By Air launches new platform for music and performance, Anonymous Club

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  • The first single comes from Shayne Oliver's project Leech, with a video by Actual Objects.
  • Hood By Air launches new platform for music and performance, Anonymous Club image
  • Shayne Oliver's Hood By Air has started a new music and performance platform called Anonymous Club. Anonymous Club is the latest venture from the influential fashion label, which recently relaunched after a years-long hiatus. The platform's manifesto reads:
    Anonymous Club is about no one. It is an affiliation, a group of people that work with one another in no predetermined manner to no predetermined end. Above all else Anonymous exists to foster and sustain the space necessary for creation. Anonymous Club operates as an independent residency supporting the cultivation of talents and realizing their vision through business and product.
    In addition to music releases, merchandise and virtual performances, the platform will eventually branch out into physical concerts, "happenings" and exhibitions. The first release is a T-shirt called The Black Resident Tee alongside a single from Oliver's project Leech, with a video directed by Actual Objects. Leech is meant as "an idea and avatar that can be embodied by various people," according to Anonymous Club. (Not to be confused with Peak Oil cofounder and producer Leech, AKA Brian Foote, who has used the name since 2013.) Oliver previously recorded an NTS show that he called "a love letter to the Warp catalog," under the name Leech. He's also collaborated with Arca in the past as part of the project WENCH. Watch the video for "In The Mood."