SVBKVLT announces Hyph11e's debut album, Aperture

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  • The ten-track LP is out in October.
  • SVBKVLT announces Hyph11e's debut album, Aperture image
  • Hyph11E's first album is landing on October 16th. The ten-track album is largely inspired by the idea of holes. As record label SVKBVLT's release notes explain:
    Holes are ontologically parasitic—they are always within something else and cannot exist in isolation. Holes accompany us throughout our lives, dilative and devoured, fillable but indispensable. On one hand, they are the driven force for evolution, on the other hand, holes are also the layer of scab that signals growth. Without tearing, cutting and gluing, we cannot create or eliminate a hole. Topologists use the number of holes to distinguish geometric objects. In the same method, in the closed circuit of encrust and erosion, we became idiographic individuals.
    The Beijing-raised, Shanghai-based producer first appeared on SVBKVLT with the Vanishing Cinema EP, which featured "Black Pepper 炎," one of the label's biggest club hits so far. She also released a collaborative EP with Slikback late last year. For more on Hyph11e and SVBKVLT, read January's Label Of The Month feature, which also hosts an interview with her. Listen to "Knots," and check the album out at Bandcamp.
    Tracklist 01. Encrust 02. Accretion 03. Knots 04. Baily's Beads 05. Barnacles 06. Doppelgänger 07. Infiltration 08. Shatter 09. Get Out From Under 10. Erosion SVBKVLT will release Aperture on October 16th, 2020.