Kelly Lee Owens collaborated with John Cale on her latest single

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  • "Corner Of My Sky" comes from Owens' new album, Inner Song, out August 4th.
  • Kelly Lee Owens collaborated with John Cale on her latest single image
  • The latest single off Kelly Lee Owens' forthcoming album, Inner Song, features a vocal from John Cale. Owens says her desire to work with Cale, who she met in London while working on one of his solo tracks, came from a desire to connect with her Welsh roots. Cale, also a Welshman, sang part of the vocal in the Welsh language. "It's not usually this immediate that a productive afternoon brings a satisfying conclusion to a task," says Cale, the Velvet Underground member, solo artist and Brian Eno collaborator. "Kelly sent me a track she'd written—an instrumental that was a gentle drift—something comfortably familiar to what I'd been working on myself. On the first listen, the lyrics came with ease and a chorus and melody grew out of it. Even the Welsh phrases seemed to develop from a place of reflective memory which was a surprise since I hadn't written in Welsh for decades." Owens second album, Inner Song, was originally meant for a May release via Smalltown Supersound, but was pushed back to August 4th due to the pandemic. Listen to "Corner Of My Sky feat. John Cale."
    Owens recently released a remix of Inner Song track "Melt!" from the London artist Coby Sey.