Arca's debut mixtape, &&&&&, to get vinyl release on PAN

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  • The remastered 2013 record is out on September 18th.
  • Arca's debut mixtape, &&&&&, to get vinyl release on PAN image
  • Arca's debut mixtape, &&&&&, will soon be available on wax via PAN. The pivotal 25-minute mix was originally released on SoundCloud via Hippos In Tanks in 2013. The remastered project will be pressed onto vinyl this September, paired with a digital album featuring individual tracks for the first time. (Arca self-released the mixed version on vinyl in 2014.) The New York artist reflects on the record as "a sense of possibility, a sense of the unknown, punk attitude, respect for classical music and formality, cyberpunk, anime, sexual tension, trauma, innocence, fear of death, kink, lots of weed, and wanting to connect with people, but not on the terms of a status quo. That kind of sums up &&&&& for me." This year Arca has also put out an hour-long mixtape, @@@@@, followed by the release of her fourth album, KiCK i. Read Steph Lee's recent interview with Arca from our July BBC Radio 1 mix series. Listen to "Knot."
    Tracklist 01. Knot 02. Harness 03. Fossil 04. Feminine 05. Anaesthetic 06. Coin 07. Century 08. Mother 09. Hallucinogen 10. Pinch 11. DM True 12. Waste 13. Pure Anna 14. Obelisk PAN will release &&&&& on September 18th, 2020. This post has been updated.