Berlin non-profit collective OML releases compilation by workshop students

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  • All profits from the release will go straight back into the project, which supports refugees and other marginalised groups.
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  • Berlin-based non-profit collective Open Music Lab (OML) is releasing a digital compilation called Redox. All seven tracks on the release, which lands August 14th, are by students who attended free music production workshops run by OML. Many of the attendees are refugees or people from other marginalised groups. Guest tutors included Nathan Micay, UVB and Commix's George Levings. "We are a bunch of people in Berlin with a wide range of backgrounds, interests and musical tastes," said Idil Abla, one of the artists on the compilation. "What we achieved in this album is just a beautiful example of what happens when people come together with wonder and work collectively in order to create beauty for the world." OML's next project is a series of open-air, Berlin-based events called Open Culture Lab produced in collaboration with Perlon artist Maayan Nidam. The first edition took place yesterday, July 20th, with info on subsequent events still TBA. Find out more via Facebook. OML is part of Give Something Back To Berlin (GSBTB), a platform and network fostering community among Berlin's migrant populations. Listen to two tracks from Redox: "Five" by MINQ and "Liz" by Maret.
    Tracklist 01. Freya Van Husen - Voladora 02. Gotopo - Silencio 03. Inda.wood - Libre 04. Maret - Liz 05. MINQ - Five 06. Morphena - C1B3RT3K 07. Idil Abla - Bumble OML will release Redox on August 14th, 2020.