Whities changes name to AD 93

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  • Nic Tasker shared a statement today explaining how the label name came to be and the reason for the change.
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  • Whities will now be called AD 93. Nic Tasker founded the popular London imprint in 2014 as a Young Turks sub-label for white label releases, he said in a statement on Twitter today. Tasker then explained how "Whities" became the sub-label's name (a meshing of the initials "YT" and "white" label), how the label shifted after becoming independent in 2017 and the reasons for the name change. "After the change in direction, the name lost its connection to that initial idea, and since it hasn't felt quite right," Tasker wrote. "I've used my own privilege to silence and rationalise these doubts, but the recent weeks have brought these to the surface again. I don't want the name to potentially exclude or offend anyone, or be a topic of conversation at all, and at times I feel this may have been the case." "There is definitely an imbalance of diversity on the label, and that is something I'm addressing," Tasker wrote. Whities' recent releases are by SØS Gunver Ryberg, Lord Of The Isles and Ellen Renton, Minor Science and JASSS. There's still one more Whities release to come, and all those thereafter will be under the name AD 93. Read the full statement.
    Image credit: Orron Fearon