Berlin booking agencies launch new advocacy group, Booking United

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  • The group of approximately 70 agencies has called on the German government for industry-specific assistance.
  • Berlin booking agencies launch new advocacy group, Booking United image
  • Booking United, a group representing approximately 70 Berlin booking agencies, has published a call to action. The new industry group states that it represents about 1,000 DJs and live acts that collectively represent the "Berlin brand" throughout the world. It calls on politicians to provide industry-specific aid to agencies in light of the global pandemic, with the following specific proposals: • Germany has agreed to pay cancellation fees to freelance artists who signed contracts with cultural institutions funded by the federal government. Booking United asks that this policy be applied to all artists, regardless of federal funding. "The concept of equality demands that no distinction be made between a DJ in Club XY and a theatre actress," reads the open letter. The group asks for cancellation fees of up to 60% for artists contracted for less than €1,000, and 40% for fees above €1,000 up to €2,500. They request that these cancellation fees be paid by the government and not by similarly beleaguered promoters. • Booking United also asks for a clear, step-by-step timeline on the reopening of clubs and events. • Finally, the group is asking for direct financial aid for booking agencies in the form of a) 100% secure loans and b) emergency aid packages for a period of three months, with grants determined by the number of employees. Check out Booking United's Open Letter.