Dro Carey announces three charity albums under various monikers

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    Thu, 30 Apr 2020, 23:00
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  • The Sydney producer returns as Tuff Sherm, PMM and Eugene Ward this Friday.
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  • Dro Carey will release three new albums today, with revenue being donated to the Melbourne-based Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. The Sydney artist is bringing back his Tuff Sherm and PMM projects, as well as returning to his given name, Eugene Ward, for a set of full-lengths totalling 31 new tracks. All three albums will be released exclusively on Bandcamp, with 100 percent of proceeds going towards the Australian organisation, which provides aid and legal help to asylum seekers. Listen to each of the three albums.
    Tracklist Tuff Sherm - Spore Whisky 01. Repeating Forest 02. Bacteria Collage 03. Titan Syncer 04. Spore Whisky Part 2 05. Snake Signs 06. Worstward On 07. Crown Peristyle 08. Dusting For Pints 09. Spore Whisky Part 1 10. Litres In The Husk PMM - Breaking Power 01. Special Sounds 94 Root D 130BPM 02. Copper Mansion 03. Breath 04. DJ Maybe 05. AACF4 06. Excalibur Cottage 07. Medea 08. Dirt Deal 09. Eko Bossa 10. Special Sounds 104 Root D 135BPM 11. Made Muddy Eugene Ward - Life After Prog 01. Sick Hydra 02. Agitated Light 03. Life After Prog 04. Tumulus 05. OOBE 2001 06. Alien Flower 07. Residual Venom 08. Fissile Bracelet 09. Fractal Quilt 10. Vitamin Scene Spore Whisky, Breaking Power and Life After Prog are available now on Bandcamp.