Photay announces new album, Waking Hours

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  • Mexican Summer is releasing the LP on June 12th.
  • Photay announces new album, Waking Hours image
  • Photay, AKA Evan Shornstein, is releasing a new record, Waking Hours, on Mexican Summer. Arriving June 12th, the ten-track LP features appearances from Michael Lovett (Metronomy), Carlos Niño and Gambian kora player Salieu Suso, plus vocals from Felicia Douglass and Kristin Slipp. In addition to electronic instrumentation, the album includes live guitar, acoustic piano and live drumming from Shornstein. He says, "This record navigates the times we live in. A response to cultural pressures and social norms. In these controversial times, I am asking questions and creating lyrical reminders. The lyrics are a daily meditation. Sentiments to revisit over and over again as our lives ebb and flow. This album is about time, stillness and peace within." Just last week, the New York-based artist released On Hold, a charity album benefiting Food Bank for New York City. Listen to "Warmth In The Coldest Acre."
    Tracklist 01. Existential Celebration 02. Warmth In The Coldest Acre 03. Is It Right? 04. Fanfare for 7.83 Hz 05. Change In Real Time 06. The People 07. Rhythm Research 08. Pressure 09. EST 10. A Beautiful Silence Prevails Mexican Summer will release Waking Hours on June 12, 2020.