What makes Statler and Waldorf tick?

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    Mon, 10 Oct 2005, 01:37
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  • RA interviews Brisbane duo Statler and Waldorf about the release of their new album AndroNovaVirus, their live shows and future plans for more releases.
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  • While they're well known within their home town of Brisbane, it's now time for duo Statler and Waldorf to expand their horizons and send their music out to Australian and overseas audiences with the release of their new album AndroNovaVirus. RA recently spoke to band members Dennis Gascoigne and Leo Hede about the process of making the new album, and their future plans. With their reputation strongly built upon their live sets, they have delivered an album that stays true to this sound. As Dennis describes,
    “Well if you can imagine what it’s been like for the last year, we’ve been going out playing club sets and people are like ‘Hey we love your stuff – can we have a CD?’ And we’d say ‘Well we’ve got an EP ( ‘Collusions’) but it’s nothing like what you just heard.’ So it’s good to now have this.”
    For fans of the group it seems many of the songs will evoke memories of nightclubbing in Brisbane and re-living moments of seeing them play. For those with different tastes, their collaboration with young singer and rising talent Sara Blasko is sure to expand Statler and Waldorf's audience. Check out our interview via the link below. And to enhance your general knowledge, Statler and Waldorf take their name from those two old guys who would sit in the box and heckle during the Muppet Show. Nice!