100% Silk outlines 2020 releases from Auscultation, Jupiter Jax and more

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  • Lunate and Well Being also have tapes coming out in May on the California label.
  • 100% Silk outlines 2020 releases from Auscultation, Jupiter Jax and more image
  • 100% Silk has unveiled its first batch of releases for 2020. First up is the return of Auscultation, AKA Golden Donna (pictured), to the label, with the III LP. It's the first Auscultation release since 2015's L'étreinte Imaginaire, and comprises six tracks of his usual hazy, melodic house and techno. (In the meantime, he's self-released a handful of Golden Donna albums.) There are three other releases landing the same day, May 8th. Jupiter Jax's Dee-Life Mix is a 40-minute homage to an imaginary American house label called Dee-Life. Bogotá producer Lunate, who appeared on 100% Silk back in 2014, has an album called Médula inspired by the recent period of civil unrest in South America, touching on house, rave, '80s wave and more. Finally, Well Being, AKA Dan Kirscher, will release the Pleasure Garden tape of what the label calls "Cascadia eco-techno," featuring a remix from fellow Portland resident (and Silk regular) Akasha System. Listen to Auscultation's "Glowing Hearts In The Rainbow Room." (Tracks and excerpts from the other three releases are available at the 100% Silk SoundCloud page.)
    Tracklist Auscultation - III 01. Glowing Hearts In The Rainbow Room 02. Flottant 03. Purgatory Sway 04. Turn Down These Voices 05. Fool 06. Exit Jupiter Jax - Dee-Life Mix 01. Dee-Life Mix Lunate - Médula 01. Ruinas Del Progreso 02. Osteología 03. Los Días Oscuros 04. Te Esperé 05. Médula 06. La Mano En La Garganta 07. Caída Espiral 08. Somos El Panóptico 09. Reflejo Del Derrumbe Well Being - Pleasure Garden 01. Deep Sea Exploration 02. Pleasure Garden 03. Moon Valley 04. Moon Valley (Akasha System Rebuild) 05. Pleasure Garden (Adapt 2 The Culture Mix) 06. Deep Sea Exploration (Club Aquatica Mix) 100% Silk will release III , Dee-Life Mix, Médula and Pleasure Garden on May 8th, 2020.