L.I.E.S. announces 10-year anniversary parties, archival acid album from Adam X

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  • Ron Morelli's influential label will mark ten years with a series of global parties and a prolific release schedule.
  • L.I.E.S. announces 10-year anniversary parties, archival acid album from Adam X image
  • L.I.E.S. has revealed its tenth anniversary plans. Ron Morelli's label launched in 2010, but kicked into prolific gear shortly thereafter, catalyzing a loosely-affiliated squad of hardware-focused producers including Steve Moore, Willie Burns, Delroy Edwards, Xosar and Legowelt. The label's remit has grown considerably, but Morelli has kept up a hectic release schedule. Over the next few months L.I.E.S. will put out an double-album of unreleased early '90s acid cuts from Adam XAcid Archives 92-94—as well as full-lengths from Delroy Edwards, Teste, Marcos Cabral and JT Whitfield and 12-inches by Robert Bergman, Chupacabras and Traxx. L.I.E.S. has also lined up anniversary parties in ten European cities—Athens, Geneva, St. Petersburg, Prague, Tbilisi, Strasbourg, Munich, Helsinki, Paris, Brussels—with more dates and details to be announced.
    Listen to Adam X's "Unreleased Acid From 1994."
    Tracklist 01. X-Heart - Electropolis 02. X-Heart - Peaking Toms 03. Adam X - Faces Of Death 04. Adam X - Octane Propellant 05. Adam X - Unreleased 1994 06. Adam X - Chemical Spill 07. Adam X Vs Audiosex - Acid Over Wiesbaden 08. Adam X - Swamp Thing (Unreleased Mix) 09. Adam X - What's That? 10. Adam X - House Of Horror 11. X-Crash - Executioner 12. Adam X - 51 Days In Waco 13. X-Crash - Urban Bass 14. X-Crash - Sick Trick Acid 15. Trope Vs X - Crash Morgue L.I.E.S. will release Acid Archives 92-94 in March 2020.