Pioneer DJ launches six-channel DJM-V10 mixer

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  • The new design takes cues from the Xone and MODEL 1 DJ mixers.
  • Pioneer DJ launches six-channel DJM-V10 mixer image
  • Pioneer DJ is releasing a new mixer. The six-channel DJM-V10 boasts two more channels than the company's flagship NXS range and a feature set resembling analogue competitors like the MODEL 1 and Xone:96. With 64-bit mixing and dithering, 32-bit analogue-to-digital converters and low-jitter clocking, the DJM-V10 promises high-end sound quality. Unlike other Pioneer mixers, the DJM-V10 has a four-band EQ and a built-in compressor for fine-tuning the levels between different sound sources. Another new feature for Pioneer is the three-band master isolator, something more regularly seen on rotary mixers. Read the full spec sheet on the Pioneer DJ website. The DJM-V10 is out in February for $3,199. Watch a promo video.