Novation introduces next generation Launchpad Pro MK3 controller

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  • The dedicated Ableton controller can also sequence other gear.
  • Novation introduces next generation Launchpad Pro MK3 controller image
  • Novation is releasing an updated version of its Launchpad controller. The Launchpad has been a go-to control surface for Ableton Live for over a decade, using 64 pads to navigate the DAW's matrix of audio clips. The new third generation update has controls for launching clips and scenes, and editing functions like duplication and quantising, meaning less time spent using your computer. With MIDI in, out and thru, the new Launchpad can also sequence hardware and other software in your studio or live set. The sequencer itself offers 32 steps and polyphony, while Dynamic Scale, Note and Chord Mode streamline the process of making melodic ideas and chord progressions. The 64 pads also send velocity and pressure information, which can be used to program greater expressivity into your sounds. Thomann currently has the Launchpad available to preorder for €329 with release listed for around a week. Watch an introduction video for the Launchpad Pro.