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  • From "Autobahn" to "Tour De France."
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  • It would be no exaggeration to call Kraftwerk one of the most important musical acts of the 20th century. The German group's synth-based approach was groundbreaking, and their futuristic sounds and technology-obsessed themes helped inspire what would become techno in the '80s in Detroit. This playlist is a chronological rundown of the most important tracks in their career, from 1974's "Autobahn"—the track that became a bona fide chart hit and propelled them to stardom—to the colder, sadder sounds of 1981's Computer World album and their uncharacteristically upbeat tribute to cycling, "Tour De France." In between are songs about radioactivity, train travel and robots, plus a peek at their underrated Techno Pop LP, their flirtation with the dance music world and an excerpt from their world-renowned live concerts.