Revolver Upstairs warns of lifetime bans for those caught with GHB

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    Fri, 6 Dec 2019, 00:29
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  • The Melbourne club has taken to Facebook to caution users of the controversial drug.
  • Revolver Upstairs warns of lifetime bans for those caught with GHB image
  • Melbourne venue Revolver Upstairs has indicated it will issue lifetime bans for anybody caught with GHB on the premises. In a statement made on Facebook, the club said, "Revolver Upstairs is extremely concerned about a noted increase in the use of the dangerous and highly volatile drug GHB." Citing the dangers of the substance, particularly when paired with alcohol, they explained that the venue "is committed to safety and harm reduction, and for this reason maintains a strict policy of issuing lifetime bans to anyone found to use GHB." "Please look after yourself, each other and help us keep Revolver safe by avoiding this dangerous drug," it concluded. The message comes just days after a 24-year old man died at Strawberry Fields festival. Onsite medical staff were informed he had taken GHB, MDMA and cocaine, a cocktail which led to a cardiac arrest on Sunday morning. The festival's statement expressed the organisers' devastation by the news, pleading with people to "stop and think about the ramifications of their choices on their family and friends and to stay safe." Listen to last year's episode of The Hour in which we investigate the rise in GHB use and its associated risks.