Optimo Music details third Bergsonist album, Middle Ouest

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  • The eleven-track "sonic autobiography" is due out in January.
  • Optimo Music details third Bergsonist album, Middle Ouest image
  • Bergsonist is releasing an album next month on Optimo Music. Spanning minimal techno, Middle Eastern percussion and rave tracks, the NYC artist, real name Selwa Abd, describes Middle Ouest as a "sonic autobiography." "It's the first body of work that realistically depicts my identity," she adds. "It's a statement towards all the people who tried to put me into a box. I'm not a box but a genre-less ocean. I don't make genres, I just make music I feel [like] making in the moment." Abd is a Morocco-born, NYC-based artist known for her peculiar blends of Middle Eastern percussion and abstract techno. This next LP marks her second release on Optimo Music, following the Heat EP earlier this year. Listen to clips over at Forced Exposure.
    Tracklist 01. Middle Ouest 02. Amazon Snake Charming 03. Gaza Border Violence 04. Magnesium 05. Otology 06. L'algorithme 07. La Rave 08. Ach Briti 09. Don't Have Babies 10. Faith Game 11. Poverty Optimo Music will release Middle Ouest on January 17th, 2020.