Bitwig Studio update supports microtuning

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  • Version 3.1 of the DAW also includes workflow improvements.
  • Bitwig Studio update supports microtuning image
  • A beta version of Bitwig Studio 3.1 is now available. The music production software now supports microtuning, allowing users to explore the non-standard scales enjoyed by artists like Aleksi Perälä and Aphex Twin. The new Note FX device Micro-pitch lets you import and define your own scales as well as dynamically tunes notes on the fly. Bitwig has included preset scales from innovators such as Harry Partch and Wendy Carlos along with a host of non-Western scales. Micro-pitch's parameters can also be automated. Another pitching device Pitch-12 has also been introduced, which triggers modulation only when you play a chosen pitch. The update features various workflow improvements including streamlined sample slicing, a MIDI note drawing tool and controls for cue volume and mix control. Bitwig Studio 3.1 arrives months after version 3, which introduced a "an open modular environment" called The Grid. The 3.1 beta is available now for Bitwig Studio owners with an active update plan. Expect the full version to arrive in the coming weeks. Watch a video about the update.