Resident Advisor and LA DJ foreigner bring DJ Lycox to Los Angeles and Mexico City

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    Wed, 16 Oct 2019, 20:00
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    Resident Advisor
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  • The new series, called XFER, spotlights the creators of the Afrodiasporic club sound.
  • Resident Advisor and LA DJ foreigner bring DJ Lycox to Los Angeles and Mexico City image
  • Resident Advisor and foreigner will present a new party concept, XFER, spotlighting the permutations of the Afrodiasporic sound in Los Angeles and Mexico City, this November. To launch the series, Resident Advisor and the Trinidadian-born, LA-based DJ will bring DJ Lycox to a secret location in Los Angeles as well as Mexico City's Yu Yu Club on November 8th and 9th. DJ Lycox, the electrifying Príncipe-signed producer who uses elements of kuduro, batida and tarraxinha to craft an innovative club sound, will headline each show. foreigner, a key force behind parties like Junkyard Jouvert, ROADBLOCK™ and PLAY™, will also DJ. He's been a major force in bringing the global Afrodiasporic club music scene to the Los Angeles underground, with previous bookings including DJ Lag, Tygapaw, Bambii and Laventille Rhythm Section. XFER is about tracing the global boom in Afrodiasporic club sounds back to its creators, whether they're in Kampala, Lisbon or the suburbs of Paris. In doing so, we aim to amplify the cross-cultural innovation that's already happening and to "send the money home" so that the sounds, as well as the vibrant communities behind them, can continue to flourish. foreigner spoke to RA on the concept behind XFER.
    Western Unions and MoneyGrams hold a special place in the immigrant's world. The money transfer interfaces help us make sense of the intense and trying experiences that come along with making our way in America, Europe and other places where jobs, opportunities and the chance for a better life exists. Transfers keep us grounded and focused while living abroad—it's how we send the bread home. Whether you're an Angolan living in Paris or a Trini living in NYC, we're all intimately familiar with the transfer lifestyle.
    The first two XFER parties will take place at a secret location in Los Angeles on November 8th and the intimate Yu Yu Club in Mexico City on the 9th. Tickets to the Los Angeles and Mexico City events are available here on RA.