New York's Brooklyn Bazaar to close Greenpoint venue

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  • The club will end its three-year run at its northern Brooklyn home at the end of November.
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  • New York venue Brooklyn Bazaar will close at the end of November. The venue's team posted a statement on Facebook today. They write the reason for the closure is the landlord's "ridiculously unreasonable" month-to-month lease extensions, "which makes programming (from tours to weddings) and operation essentially impossible." The current lease expires on November 30th. "I know I've said this before but this city (particularly the private real estate sector) really, really makes it tough for independent venues and businesses to survive, let alone succeed," Brooklyn Bazaar co-owners Belvy Klein and Aaron Broudo write. "OK, sure NYC lost its soul years ago and I get that. But being a native New York kid, it's extra frustrating to see your city eat its own over and over and over again." In the future, Brooklyn Bazaar plans to continue operations at its Riis Park location in Rockaway Beach and open a restaurant and bar in McCarren Park by 2021. The venue will bow out with a series of events leading up to its closing. Brooklyn Bazaar is currently located in Greenpoint's Polonaise Terrace, the venue's home since it was forced to leave its previous 165 Bank St. location in 2016. Read the lengthy statement in full on Facebook.