Max Richter releases first single from Ad Astra score

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  • The track precedes Richter's full score for the James Gray film, out soon via Deutsche Grammophon.
  • Max Richter releases first single from Ad Astra score image
  • Max Richter's score for the just-released film, Ad Astra, will be put out by Deutsche Grammophon. The well-established classical label released the first single, "To The Stars," last Friday, concurring with the film's debut in theaters. Richter began working on the score nearly two years ago after seeing a rough cut of the film and participating in discussions with director James Gray and Brad Pitt, who stars in the film. Richter was inspired by the NASA Voyager probes that journeyed through space in the '70s. In the film, when Pitt travels past Saturn or Jupiter, the viewer hears music composed from data the Voyager gathered at simultaneous points in its historic journey. Listen to "To The Stars" from the Ad Astra soundtrack. We'll have more details on the full score as they emerge.
    We spoke with Richter on his music for film as part of our Inspired By Film feature in 2017.
    To The Stars is out on Deutsche Grammaphon now.