xin reveals debut LP, MELTS INTO LOVE

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  • Proceeds from sales will be donated to Eden Reforestation Projects, a nonprofit organization committed to rebuilding natural landscapes.
  • xin reveals debut LP, MELTS INTO LOVE image
  • xin will be releasing their debut LP, MELTS INTO LOVE, on Subtext. The label describes the album as "mining fragments of neurofunk, hardcore and dubstep." The ten-track album also features AYA, FKA LOFT. The cover was designed by painter Gabrielle Bejani and machine-learning engineers Ash D'Cruz and Chris Tegho. According to the label, each album purchase will be donated to nonprofit organization Eden Reforestation Project to fund the planting of at least 40 trees. The emerging artist released To Shock The Sky And Shake The Earth on Subtext last year, delivering three minimalist, albeit intricate noise tracks. Listen to "Myopia."
    Tracklist 01. All That Is Solid 02. Crrrash! 03. Real Frenzy 04. That There Is None 05. Myopia 06. Spent, Wasted And Saved feat. AYA 07. Declared Denied 08. Ffantom Contendt 09. Virtually Asocial 10. No Relief, No Perspective, No Vanishing Point Subtext will release MELTS INTO LOVE on September 19, 2019.