Mathew Jonson is Freedom Engine on new LP, A Box Full Of Magic

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    Tue, 13 Aug 2019, 14:40
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  • Dekmantel will release the album in October.
  • Mathew Jonson is Freedom Engine on new LP, A Box Full Of Magic image
  • Mathew Jonson has a new album on the way under his Freedom Engine alias. A Box Full Of Magic, out on October 7th, spans 11 tracks and is the artist's first release for Dekmantel. The label describes the sound as a combination of electro, beatless music and off-kilter percussion. This is Jonson's first solo full-length since 2013's Her Blurry Pictures for Crosstown Rebels. More recently, the producer has been part of Circle Of Live, an improvisational live jam project with Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Sebastian Mullaert, Steevio and others. Last year, they put out a collaborative album, Live At Freerotation 2018. Listen to clips from A Box Full Of Magic.
    Watch Mathew Jonson perform with Circle Of Live in our 2018 video about the project. Tracklist 01. Worlds Above 02. The Very Strange 03. The Very Strange Pt.2 04. Oriental Dragon feat. Magda 05. Shinkansen 06. Space Time Continuum 07. Attack Of The Omnibots 08. An Evil Charm (Where Is The Forest) 09. A Box Full Of Magic 10. Computerized 11. A Sunrise On The Front Dekmantel will release A Box Full Of Magic on October 7th, 2019.