Oneohtrix Point Never to sell off his music gear online

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    Thu, May 2, 2019, 17:33
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  • His Reverb shop launches on May 7th.
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  • Oneohtrix Point Never, real name Daniel Lopatin, has partnered with the online gear marketplace Reverb to sell some of his equipment. The lot includes synths, samplers, effects pedals and recording gear used in Lopatin's studio and on tour. It includes a Roland SP-555 sampler that was used extensively on his 2011 album, Replica, which comes loaded with a memory card featuring samples used in OPN live shows as well as Replica tracks like "Up". There's also an older SP-404 sampler that was used from the period spanning from 2009's Zones Without People to 2011's Ford & Lopatin album, Channel Pressure. "It’s seen a lot of basement floors and backs of vans," Lopatin tells Reverb. Other highlights include an Alesis ION synthesizer, a Waldorf Microwave XT synthesizer and an Alesis Andromeda A6 synthesizer, among other pieces. The sale opens on May 7th. "The proceeds from my Reverb Shop will help us to embark on building a new, more permanent studio space," Lopatin says. "Thanks for supporting independent studios and shopping second hand." Check out the full list of gear over at Reverb.