New Dubler Studio Kit uses your voice to quickly build musical ideas

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  • The voice-activated MIDI controller was funded in 46 minutes on Kickstarter today.
  • New Dubler Studio Kit uses your voice to quickly build musical ideas image
  • A new technology by Vochlea Music called Dubler Kit Studio has passed its fundraising goal on Kickstarter. Comprising a piece of software and a microphone, the kit aims to quickly get musical ideas from your head into your computer using vocalisations. After learning your voice, the system uses vocal sounds as a MIDI controller, turning your singing, humming or beatboxing into synth, bass or drum sounds, for instance. Thanks to a latency of between 10 and 12 milliseconds, the process happens in real-time and you can trigger different sounds simultaneously, meaning you could lay down multiple instrumental ideas at once. Four parameters can be controlled at a time, so changing the tone of your voice could control a synth's filter, envelope or effects, for example. The system can also pick up rhythms if you prefer to quickly drum a pattern rather than vocalising it. It's also compatible with all DAWs. Kickstarter orders are scheduled to begin shipping in late summer with all being fulfilled by October. Early bird offers are available from £175 with an expected retail price of £300. Watch Novelist and PREM testing out the system.