New granular Eurorack module expands Mutable Instruments Clouds

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  • The Grayscale Supercell builds upon the discontinued original.
  • New granular Eurorack module expands Mutable Instruments Clouds image
  • An expanded version of the Mutable Instruments Clouds module has been released by Grayscale Modular. Despite being one of the most popular modules in Eurorack, Clouds was discontinued back in 2017. However, designer Émilie Gillet keeps all her digital modules open source, allowing others to port or elaborate upon the original code. With Supercell, Greyscale expands Clouds' control set, brining its signature granular processing engine to a larger 34hp form factor. The Blend parameters on the original now have dedicated knobs and CV inputs for easier access and manipulation while the taxing tasks of dealing with presets and setting the sample time have been streamlined. In addition to an output level control, the audio ins and outs now have dedicated metering, VCAs and mute switches. A new AUX input allows you to route modulation to multiple destinations, plus there's an internal smooth random modulation source to send around the module. The original 1v/Octave input has been supplemented with an additional pitch input with a linear response. Supercell also supports popular alternate firmware made by third-party developers, such as Parasites and Beat Repeat. It's available to order in matte black or aluminium for $465. Read reviews of Mutable Instruments Marbles and Stages modules. Watch Richard Devine put the module through its paces.