Mira Calix returns to Warp after ten years with new EP, Utopia

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  • The four-track, 10-inch record sees her revisit electronic sounds.
  • Mira Calix returns to Warp after ten years with new EP, Utopia image
  • Mira Calix is back on Warp Records with her first release on the label in over ten years. Once a staple of the UK label's roster, in the past few years Calix has turned her focus to contemporary art and installations, with an emphasis on choral sounds and classical instrumentation. Utopia reportedly sees her returning to her more electronic-oriented roots, with the record's origins in an Adam Thirlwell film of the same name. In Utopia the film, "a girl tries to set up a commune in a tiny apartment and finds her ideals of utopian living tested and expanded as an alternate version of Calix's fragmented track acts as the bedrock throughout," according to the press release. "It was really refreshing to make this EP, to give myself a time limit, a strict set of rules, a tight sonic palette and be fully autonomous as a writer, producer and musician," says Calix. "In a way it's going back to my roots. My first-ever release on Warp was a 10-inch, but it also felt completely fresh, playful, to just build some tracks around a cinematic scene—something for friends to move to in the early hours of a louche house party." Calix uses found sounds, her voice and excerpts from her "personal library" on Utopia, with a collage-oriented approach. For more on her work, check out our 2014 feature. Watch the video for "rightclick."
    Tracklist A1 rightclick A2 just go along B1 upper ups B2 bite me Warp Records will release Utopia on January 25th, 2019.