Equilibrio reissuing cult Spanish experimental obscurities from the '80s

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  • A slew of hard-to-find records are being revived by the label in the coming months.
  • Equilibrio reissuing cult Spanish experimental obscurities from the '80s image
  • Equilibrio has shared details of its forthcoming releases. Damian Schwartz's Madrid-based label has six albums in the works, including reissues of highly-coveted records produced in Spain during the '80s. First comes a meditation on the works of French composer Erik Satie by Patricia Escudero. Produced by Luis Delgado and released in 1986, the 16-track Satie Sonneries arranges Satie classics like the Gymnopedies series for synthesiser. The reissue is out this month. The next LP, due out December 10th, is 1983's Dark Fields by the trio T, a rare, 14-track post-industrial album originally released by Klamm Records. January 7th will see the release of new music by Mecánica Popular in the form of Estridentismo, an eight-track LP of material recorded over the last decade (Equilibrios' first release was from Eugenio Muñoz, one half of Mecánica Popular). Future projects include represses of Dr. Flanger's Feria Internacional and Juan Belda's self-titled LP as well as an album of new music from Madrid duo Metametal. All reissues are vinyl-only while new material will also receive a digital release. Listen to Patricia Escudero's interpretation of "Gymnopedie II."
    Tracklist Patricia Escudero ?– Satie Sonneries A1 Arcueil A2 Gymnopedie III - 1888 A3 Etre Jaloux De Son Camarada Qui A Une Grosse Tete - 1913 A4 Gnossienne I - 1890 A5 Lui Manger Sa Tartine - 1913 A6 L'Initiation Fragmento - 1891 A7 Valse Du Chocolate Aux Amandes - 1913 A8 Gnossienne II - 1890 B1 Gymnopedie I - 1888 B2 Gymnopedie II - 1888 B3 Gnossienne II - 1890 B4 Le Chant Guerrier Du Roi Des Haricorts - 1913 B5 Profiter De Cel Qui'Il A Des Cors Aux Pied Pour Lui Pendre Son Cerceu - 1913 B6 Petite Prelude A La Journee - 1913 B7 Prelude A La Porte Heroque Du Ciel Fragmento - 1894 B8 Arcueil T ?– Dark Fields A1 Doors On Trees A2 Dot A3 Memory A4 Trs.3 A5 En El Camino De La Roca A6 Listen Little Man A7 Fracture B1 Wood-Blood B2 Son Serp B3 Dark Fields B4 Bytes R B5 Questions 1992·1983 B6 Silencio T... Drop Staircase B7 Clak-s... Iris. Azhar Mécanica Popular - Estridentismo A1 Esquizofonia A2 Jouer Avec Schaeffer A3 Mikado A4 Estridentismo B1 Velocita Atratta B2 Avraamo B3 Sugerencias De Pierre B4 Secreto Oculto Equilibrio will release Dark Fields on December 10th, 2018, and Estridentismo on January 7th, 2019. Satie Sonneries is out soon.