Underworld launch new musical platform, Drift

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  • The 'ongoing experiment' starts this week with a new song soundtracking a UK drift race.
  • Underworld launch new musical platform, Drift image
  • Underworld have launched a new platform called Drift, for self-publishing new music and multimedia. Drift launched this week with the release of Drift Episode 1: Another Silent Way, which features a new Underworld song soundtracking a video about UK drift racing filmed at the Rockingham Speedway in Corby this past summer. The press release describes Drift as "an epic year-long road trip by the band (Karl Hyde and Rick Smith) in collaboration with Tomato and friends old and new, from playwrights to DJs in jazz and techno to painters and poets." The group will release Drift media—"music, films, stories etc."—via their website. The first part of Another Silent Way is available now, with new instalments to come each Thursday. Watch Another Silent Way: Part 1.