Frak reveals new 'slow, rhythmic' album, Project Digitalis

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  • The long-running Swedish trio are back on Börft Records for their latest album, out in December.
  • Frak reveals new 'slow, rhythmic' album, Project Digitalis image
  • Frak will release their latest album, Project Digitalis, on Börft Records in December. While the trio of Birre, Jan Svensson and Johan Sturesson have found a home on labels like Sex Tags Mania, Kontra-Musik and Ultimate Hits in recent years, Svensson's Börft imprint has handled the bulk of Frak's output stretching back to 1987. Börft alumnus Joakim Cosmo penned the notes for Project Digitalis. He describes the album as "experimental analog and haunting dance music at slow BPMs which gives you a glimpse of Swedish small town dystopia in all its glory." Check out our review of Frak's latest EP for Hypercolour, Berga Magic. Listen to clips from Project Digitalis.
    Tracklist A1 Bleeder A2 PC Arrangement A3 Saved Sickness B1 Fluids B2 Fixter B3 KTTU1 B4 KTTU Project Börft Records will release Project Digitalis on December 3rd, 2018.