Sunil Sharpe celebrates 20 releases on Earwiggle with six-EP compilation series, Eel Behaviour

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  • Giant Swan, Bodyjack, Imogen and more contribute exclusive tracks to the Dublin-based label's new run.
  • Sunil Sharpe celebrates 20 releases on Earwiggle with six-EP compilation series, Eel Behaviour image
  • Sunil Sharpe is compiling six records to celebrate hitting 20 releases on his label, Earwiggle. The Irish techno DJ and producer, who launched his label in 2011, has put together a new compilation series to mark the occasion, bringing 24 artists on board across six Eel Behaviour entries. I Hate Models, Delta Funktionen, Mary Velo, Imogen and Giant Swan, recently profiled on RA, contribute alongside others to the compilations, hitting on electro, acid and industrial, plus a "long-lost hardtrance [track] from 1994," according to today's announcement. Each 12-inch is named after a type of eel—Conger, Moray, Sniper, Sawtooth, Onejaw and Bobtail—and features artwork by Adult Art Club's Jonny Costello. The first Eel Behaviour EP will land on October 26th, with the next three records slated for release through December 7th. (Release dates for the final two entries in the series are still to be confirmed.) Earlier this year, Sharpe and DeFeKT teamed up for a collaborative album as Tinfoil. Sharpe last launched a label in 2015, On The Hoof, which is separate from Earwiggle. Listen to previews of Conger.
    Revisit Sharpe's 2016 RA podcast.
    Tracklists Conger A1 Delta Funktionen - Alternate Reality A2 Imogen - Flesh B1 Autumns - Recovery B2 Giant Swan - The Sun Inside Jaden Smith Moray A1 The Advent & Zein - Follow The Leader A2 Replicants - I Like The Way You Focus B1 Umwelt - De-Extinction B2 Galaxian - Trigger Action Sniper  A1 Ctrls - Breaker A2 SP-X - Mine Smelter B1 Jerome Hill - Wormface B2 Bodyjack - Keeping The Wolf From The Door Sawtooth A1 I Hate Models - The Suffering Self A2 Sir Real - Gritty McGritface B1 Vlaysin - Forget What You've Learned B2 Dave Tarrida - I Am He Onejaw A1 Héctor Oaks - Just A Chengdu Dog A2 Mary Velo - Submission B1 Sedvs / Peel - Side Life B2 Christopher Joseph - Indifferent World Bobtail A1 Panmella Calix - Tip A2 Suneel Shark - Blunt But Fair B1 Zadig - Red Eye B2 Jon Hussey - Engine Brood Eel Behaviour will release Conger on October 26th, Moray on November 9th, Sniper on November 30th and Sawtooth on December 7th, 2018, with release dates for Onejaw and Bobtail to be announced. Photo credit: Jonny Costello