Groove to stop print magazine after nearly 30 years

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    Fri, 5 Oct 2018, 10:24
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  • The Berlin-based dance music publication will continue its online edition.
  • Groove to stop print magazine after nearly 30 years image
  • Groove will shut down its print edition. The German dance music bi-monthly, founded by DJ T. in 1989, said in a statement that the print magazine was no longer viable amid slumping ad revenues, falling kiosk sales and the changing nature of digital services. The proprietor, Piranha Media GmbH, who have owned Groove since 2004, said, "In a time of Spotify, YouTube, social media and the ever-increasing speed of record releases, there is no way a bimonthly journal can stay on the pulse and thus continue to remain relevant." Piranha Media GmbH head and Groove's publisher, Alexander Lacher, said discussions among editorial staff over the print magazine's future had taken place since the end of last year. Of the magazine's digital strategy, he said: "The ideas that we have developed with the editorial team will, on the one hand, essentially continue the magazine content with the usual quality and passion, but on the other hand do justice to the new approach to music and club culture in a time of streaming and social media." Chief editor Heiko Hoffmann left the magazine back in September. Groove will publish its final physical copy this month. The magazine's back issues will remain accessible online to subscribers. Alex Neuschulz contributed to this report.