Lone and R&S accuse The Black Eyed Peas of illegal sampling

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  • Both parties claim Lone's 2013 track "Airglow Fires" was used without permission on the pop group's recent song "Constant Part 1 & 2."
  • Lone and R&S accuse The Black Eyed Peas of illegal sampling image
  • Lone and R&S Records have taken to Twitter to accuse The Black Eyed Peas of illegally sampling Lone's "Airglow Fires" on their recent track "Constant Part 1 & 2." R&S were the first to vent their frustrations earlier today, posting a question—"Sound familiar?"—alongside a clip of the song. Speaking to Resident Advisor, the label said, "No one from The Black Eyed Peas or their label has contacted R&S or Warp Publishing." Lone, real name Matt Cutler, followed up a few hours later with a single line: "black eyed me's." "I was actually made aware of the tune a few weeks back when my manager sent me a link to the video," Cutler told RA over email. "Needless to say it put me off my breakfast... I mean, you've gotta laugh really, but that's a total rip-off, no question." The Black Eyed Peas, AKA rappers will.i.am, apl.de.ap and Taboo, released "Constant Part 1 & 2" at the end of August. It's one of several singles from their forthcoming studio album, Masters Of The Sun. Cutler released "Airglow Fires" in 2013. Have a listen for yourself. The contentious part occurs from 2:41.
    Resident Advisor has reached out to The Black Eyed Peas' label, Universal Music Group, for comment.