Onur Özer returns with a double-pack EP, Akmar

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  • Out on a new label called Denial, it's his first extended release since 2007.
  • Onur Özer returns with a double-pack EP, Akmar image
  • Onur Özer is releasing a new eight-track EP. The double-vinyl Akmar EP was uploaded to the EFD SoundCloud earlier today. It sees the Berlin-based producer elaborating on the tweaked, sci-fi techno and electro sound explored on the Treatment LP and his last EP, Frequent Forrest Turn, which came out on Binh's Time Passages label in 2016. It's Özer's first extended release since 2007's Kasmir and arrives via a new label called Denial. There are currently no details regarding a release date. Read RA's feature on Onur Özer. Listen to clips from Akmar.
    Tracklist A1 Daydream A2 Run B1 Winter Track B2 Hiding Behind Swans C1 Jumping Lesson C2 Anxbuster D1 Happy Verse D2 Hugging Pain Denial will release Akmar soon.