Moog discontinues Moogerfooger line after two decades

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  • The suite of analogue pedals will be retired once remaining parts are exhausted.
  • Moog discontinues Moogerfooger line after two decades image
  • Moog is retiring the Moogerfooger range. The line of voltage-controlled analogue effects brought staples from Moog synthesisers to a stompbox format, finding fans among producers, guitarists, vocalists and synthesists after launching in 1998. Since kicking off with the MF-101 Low Pass Filter and MF-102 Ring Modulator, more than 20 different versions were released, including delays, phasers, flangers and more. Moog says Moogerfoogers will be produced "while our remaining inventory of parts and materials last." The more compact line of Minifooger pedals will continue to be produced. Read our Machine Love feature with Colleen, who extensively used the MIDI MuRF and MF-104M on her latest album, A Flame My Love, A Frequency.