Dark Entries to release nine records this September to mark its ninth anniversary

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  • The batch includes records from Bill Converse, Mystic Bill and a six-LP box set from Bay Area artist Cyrnai.
  • Dark Entries to release nine records this September to mark its ninth anniversary image
  • The prolific San Francisco label Dark Entries will celebrate its ninth anniversary next month with nine new releases. First up is a new EP from Bill Converse, which is the Texas-via-Detroit artist's fourth release for the label. All four tracks on Hulled were recorded live to tape with no overdubs in Converse's home studio. Converse says Hulled aims to represent "ocean waves in stormy conditions, dark grey blue water, or more generally speaking something ominous and beautiful." Dark Entries will also reissue Reality Check by Mystic Bill, an EP originally released in 1996 under the name Billy Nightmare on Woody McBride's Sounds label. Along with that one comes a reissue of the debut 12-inch from Talking Drums, called Courage. The label describes the 1982 title track as "eight sprawling minutes of dubby disco funk in the vein of ESG and William Onyeabor." The bulk of the ninth anniversary releases comprises a sprawling retrospective of the music of Carolyn Fok, or Cyrnai, an Asian-American solo artist from the Bay Area. The label says Fok's musical journey began at age nine, when she recorded stories on a tape recorder. Soon thereafter she started experimenting with instruments, effects and a TEAC reel-to-reel her father had "left lying around the family house," eventually becoming inspired by acts like Cabaret Voltaire and Crass. While Fok has amassed around 100 albums worth of electronic and experimental music and has been featured in publications like Electronic Musician and Keyboard, she's been a relatively private artist until now. Dark Entries will release all of her material recorded between 1980 and 1990 as a six-LP box set limited to 333 copies. It includes over 70 songs and four hours worth of material, as well as a 7-inch featuring covers of songs by The Cure and Gang Of Four and extensive liner notes. The label will also put out Fok's first four records individually. Check out our recent label of the month feature on Dark Entries. Listen to clips from Bill Converse's Hulled EP. Clips for all nine releases are available over at the Dark Entries SoundCloud.
    Tracklist Bill Converse - Hulled 01. Landing 02. Beneath The Ice 03. Endless Tide 04. Station Life Billy Nightmare - Reality Check 01. I've Seen The World 02. Is This The Life For Me 03. Dance,Shake,Swing 04. Dance,Shake,Swing Version 2 Talking Drums - Courage 01. Courage 02. Parasuicide 03. Descartes Lives 04. Lost In The 20th Century Cyrnai - 1980-1990 Charred Blossoms A1 Phobic In Ruins A2 Waydom A3 Noct (Mourning Glare) A4 Incision Tree A5 Sensitivity A6 Windmill B1 Be Happy Or Go Straight B2 Waydom (Demo) B3 Burnt Shadows B4 Progress After Distance B5 A Prosaic Afternoon B6 Power to Wait B7 Kemoflosh 2 B8 The Day Inside Bonus Covers 7-inch A In Your House B1 The Holy Hour B2 It's Her Factory Parts Of The Insomnic Wheel A1 Constant A2 Red Carpet Hallways A3 Dungeon of Leftovers A4 The Pitchfork Of Womanhood A5 Prison Tree Duet B1 Numb Machinery B2 White Sky Moving B3 Tibetan Bowls Signaling B4 Fluorescent Nerve Endings B5 Spirals And Diameters B6 Clutching A Pencil C1 Time Has The Humor C2 Cinder Theory C3 Indoor Lighting C4 I Was Over-born C5 Dig A Hole C6 Oh, Sun Come In! D1 A Goodbye Peck D2 Storing The Past In Formaldehyde D3 Prison Tree D4 Dreamer's Paralysis D5 Have You Heard My Life D6 Ride Into Your Energy Hypno-Seizure ‎ A1 Is It Colored Numbers? A2 A Thousand Eyes On One Street A3 Going Under Hypnotized A4 Hallucination, Custom Cut A5 Robot State A6 I Will Have You B1 A Rainbow of Business B2 The Promise of Happiness B3 Brushed With Water B4 Oh Why B5 My Nocturnal Journal B6 Reclusist B7 Everlasting Eye To Subtle-Drive A1 To Subtle Drive A2 Techno-Guillotine A3 Pocket Zimbabwe B1 It's A Crazy Fear B2 Subliminalogy B3 Far Above The Clouds B4 Electric Meditation B5 Falling C1 Suppressionist C2 Death Row Lingo C3 Climb The Sun C1 Lost Your Soul D1 Backbone Beat D2 Friction Song D3 When The Morning Comes D4 The Guidelines Of Labor D5 Always Dark Entries will release Hulled, Reality Check, Courage, A Simple Reflection, 1980-1990, Charred Blossoms, Parts Of The Insomnic Wheel, Hypno-Seizure ‎and To Subtle-Drive on September 9th, 2018.
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