Jackmaster apologizes for 'inappropriate' behaviour at Love Saves The Day festival

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  • "Although I don't recognise the person recounted to me, I take full responsibility for my actions and the effect on those involved," the Scottish DJ said.
  • Jackmaster apologizes for 'inappropriate' behaviour at Love Saves The Day festival image
  • Jackmaster has apologized for his behavior at this year's Love Saves The Day festival in Bristol this past May. The Scottish DJ took to Facebook to post an apology for what he called "inappropriate" behavior, including acting "offensively to staff at the event and [damaging] equipment." He said he takes full responsibility for the situation and has been making changes in his lifestyle to avoid it happening again. He also thanked the festival for its "professionalism" and "maintaining openness." "As much as this was out of character, substances are an individual's choice, not an excuse," Jackmaster wrote. "Over the last few weeks I have done everything in my ability to confront and address the repercussions of my actions head-on, and apologise personally to those that I affected. This post will serve to remind me that my behaviour was unacceptable, and it is a bid to address issues in the wider events and music industries." The festival responded two hours later with its own Facebook statement, saying it took the initial complaints "extremely seriously" and "fully investigated" what happened. "Jack met with us and representatives of the staff involved and showed genuine remorse [and] full responsibility for his actions," Love Saves The Day said. "Our staff and family have accepted his apology and consider this matter closed, whilst reserving the right to further pursue complaints at such point in the future that we are ever aware of this behaviour being repeated." Update: On Friday, August 17th, Jackmaster issued another statement in which he admitted to "abusive" and "inappropriate" behaviour, including "attempting to kiss and grab people against their will," at the Love Saves The Day. A festival staff member also came forward: "Jack's behaviour on the night towards me crossed the boundaries of acceptability." Due to the sensitive nature of this story, the comments on this news piece are locked. For more information, please refer to our community guidelines.