Scratcha DVA self-releases new album, Interludes

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  • The UK artist and Hyperdub affiliate's next LP is the first for his label Allyall Records.
  • Scratcha DVA self-releases new album, Interludes image
  • Scratcha DVA has just released a new album called Interludes. Named after his new Interludes FM radio show, which has him "playing the best in interludes, intros and outros," according to a recent tweet, the digital release is the first on Leon Smart's new Allyall Records label. It's heavy on brief spoken-word and soundscape pieces, as you might expect, with most of its 17 tracks measuring a minute or less in length. The UK grime and funky artist has also shared a guide to 'Scratchanese,' his own style of slang and shorthand. As a producer, Smart is probably best known for a connection with Kode9's Hyperdub imprint, where his wide-ranging efforts have included two albums, 2012's Pretty Ugly and 2016's NOTU_URONLINEU. He'd previously cofounded the label DVA Music, which closed last year. Listen to Interludes.
    Tracklist 01. Reviews 02. Play Me A Song 03. Secret Garden 04. Skype 05. Sumbodydefinatlydied 06. Addiction 07. Babyfather 08. 0111001101101101011000010111001001110100 09. Charlie Brooker Knows Sumfing We Dnt 10. End Of The World feat. Kush Jones 11. ? 12. Bms 13. Chin Stroker 14. Ikonika Type Beat 15. Airwalk 16. Air Bubble 17. Accolades Interludes is out now on Allyall Records.