HKE, Gobby, Jeff Witscher appear on compilation from new label Primordial Void

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  • The label comes from Marcel Sletten, founder of vaporwave music blog MMJ.
  • HKE, Gobby, Jeff Witscher appear on compilation from new label Primordial Void image
  • A new label, Primordial Void, is launching with a compilation called Primordial Chaos. Primordial Void comes from Marcel Sletten, the founder of MMJ, which was one of the most prominent music blogs focusing on the post-vaporwave and hardvapour musical sphere, including artists and labels like HKE, Dream Catalogue, Nmesh, Antifur and more. Now Sletten is moving into releasing music, starting with a 20-track compilation called Primordial Chaos, which is out today in digital and tape formats (with the cassettes limited to 120 copies). Among the artists featured are HKE, Gobby, Jeff Witscher (AKA Rene Hell), Mukqs, Snakepiss and more. For more on HKE and other artists in this realm, read our label of the month feature on Dream Catalogue from last year. Listen to the full album.
    Tracklist 01. Constellation Botsu - Botsu911 02. Yolichika - Medium 03. Gobby - Doing Monk Stuff 04. Emamouse - End Of Envelope 05. LXV - Helen Effect 06. Kazumichi Komatsu - Speed 07. Snakepiss - Secret Friend 08. Modelock & EMBASSY - FINALLY 09. Mukqs - Romijuli 10. Lockbox - Noi B 11. Sentient Gyre - Thatss Where yYour'e Wrong Kiddo 12. Jeff Witscher - Drama! 13. M/M - Brand X Piano Loop 14. Angelo Harmsworth - Clamp 15. Oxhy - Piedra No Dither 16. Waterhouse - C.phon 17. Olan Monk - Rose Of Jericho 18. Terribilis - Nalini 19. HKE - Relentless 20. Theodore Cale Schafer - Strawberry Tart Primordial Chaos is out now via Primordial Void.