Tim Hecker returns to Kranky for new album, Konoyo

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  • The Canadian sound artist's next full-length is out in September.
  • Tim Hecker returns to Kranky for new album, Konoyo image
  • A new Tim Hecker album called Konoyo is on the way via Kranky. Konoyo sees Hecker drawing inspiration from the talks he had with a recently deceased friend concerning "negative space and a sense of music's increasingly banal density." The Canadian experimental composer and sound artist made much of the album during trips to Japan, where he worked with members of Tokyo Gakuso, a gagaku ensemble, "in a temple on the outskirts of Tokyo." He applied his trademark style of abstract manipulation to source material performed on strings, woodwinds and percussion. (The term konoyo means "the world over here," while gagaku is a form of Japanese classical music.) Due out in late September, Konoyo is Hecker's ninth proper solo album, and his fifth for Kranky. We last heard him in LP mode by way of 2016's Love Streams for 4AD, and Kranky recently reissued his first two albums, Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again (originally put out through Substractif) and Radio Amor (Mille Plateaux). Alongside Konoyo's release, Hecker is lining up performances that will feature members of Tokyo Gakuso and Kara-Lis Coverdale, who appeared on Hecker's last two full-lengths. Listen to "This Life."
    Here's Hecker's RA Exchange from 2016.
    Tracklist 01. This Life 02. In Death Valley 03. Is A Rose Petal Of The Dying Crimson Light 04. Keyed Out 05. In Mother Earth Phase 06. A Sodium Codec Haze 07. Across To Anoyo Kranky will release Konoyo on September 28th, 2018.