Eurorack prices fall as demand for modules continues to surge

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  • Price drops of up to 30 percent are threatening small manufacturers.
  • Eurorack prices fall as demand for modules continues to surge image
  • The price of Eurorack modules is falling. As demand for Eurorack products continues to rise, larger music retailers are purchasing more of the available stock. Combined with growing supply and more manufacturers, big stockists are able to place downward pressure on prices, which have dropped by as much as 30 percent, placing some smaller companies at risk. The issue was raised by Andreas Schneider, the figure behind key Berlin synth store and distributor SchneidersLaden as well as the Superbooth music tech expo. The statement reads: "Due to the increased demand for Eurorack modules in Europe, even the large retailers for musical instruments are now filling the last corners of their warehouses and buying complete production runs from manufacturers and everything else they can get. Some manufacturers might be happy about this, but the flooding of the market already leads to a significant drop in prices." After Schneider's statement, the post goes on to warn of a drain on innovation, which often comes from small-scale operations, and the importance of supporting grass roots actors: "With prices falling by 30 percent there will be less manufacturers, less innovation and less room for supportive activities throughout the whole scene." The imperative for competition and the free market means, "we are losing diversity and the non-competitive culture that has been so significant for almost anyone participating in this market... You can benefit from this development and save a few Euros—but take a second and think about what the future of Eurorack should look like. You are a part of this and your personal decisions matter." Learn more about the rise of the Eurorack market in our feature on SchneidersLaden.