Kareem Lotfy and X.Y.R. appear on new batch of Quiet Time tapes

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  • Bas Relief and Baby are also part of this latest drop.
  • Kareem Lotfy and X.Y.R. appear on new batch of Quiet Time tapes image
  • Quiet Time has released a new batch of tapes. The New York label gives each artist approximately 30 minutes to do what they want on a tape. Each copy comes with two tapes—"one for you, one for a friend"—and is available in digital formats too. The next four releases are from Russian producer X.Y.R., Montreal's Bas Relief, Los Angeles group Baby and PAN associate Kareem Lotfy, whose "Fr3sh" was allegedly sampled without clearance on Kanye West's latest album. The music on this latest group of tapes varies from "ambient soundscapes" to "freaky, jazzy and digital pop songs," according to the label. Previous Quiet Time releases have come from Huerco S., Aquarian and Solpara, among others. Stream X.Y.R.'s contribution, and check out the rest here.
    Tracklist X.Y.R. - QTT7 01. Quiet Time Bas Relief - QTT8 01. A Curt Symbol feat. Fog Lake 02. Super Marché 03. Cite Your Sources 04. Treyf 05. Blue Ray DVD 06. Longing To Belong Pt. II 07. Will Hill 08. Longing To Belong Pt. I feat. Valeda & Noami Soares 09. Former Revenge 10. A Word Baby QTT9 01. If You Got Something To Say 02. Conservation 03. Cicadas Kareem Lotfy - QTT10 01. Asmar 02. Sundial Radio 03. Chromosome 04. GTO 05. Equilibrium 06. Second Seed 07. Kwkab QTT7, QTT8, QTT9 and QTT10 are out now via Quiet Time.
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