Merzbow partners with Lawrence English and Xiu Xiu on new album

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  • Merzbow + HEXA's Achromatic is out in late July.
  • Merzbow partners with Lawrence English and Xiu Xiu on new album image
  • Merzbow, AKA Masami Akita, has linked up with HEXA, a collaboration between Lawrence English and Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart, for an album as Merzbow + HEXA. Achromatic started with out with pieces the three artists collaborated on. The work was then divided: English and Stewart produced and mixed "Merzhex," a four-part suite on the LP's A-side, while Merzbow crafted a single long piece, "Hexamer," for the B-side. Dais Records, which is handling Achromatic's release, says Akita, English and Stewart share a "collective goal of framing their work against particular sonic and visual architectures." HEXA initially explored those ideas a couple years ago with their soundtrack for a David Lynch photography exhibit (later released as an album, Factory Photographs, on Room40), before reaching out to Akita, aiming for a "collision" of their two production approaches. Resident Advisor sat down for an interview with Akita back in 2015, a year that saw him team with Stewart for an album called Merzxiu. Listen to "Merzhex Part 2."
    Tracklist 01. Merzhex Part 1 02. Merzhex Part 2 03. Merzhex Part 3 04. Merzhex Part 4 05. Hexamer Dais Records will release Achromatic on July 27th, 2018.