DJ Seinfeld is next up on DJ-Kicks

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    Thu, 14 Jun 2018, 11:00
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  • The mix features exclusive tunes from FaltyDL, Project Pablo and more, including the Swedish selector himself.
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  • !K7 looks to DJ Seinfeld for the next entry in its DJ-Kicks mix series. DJ Seinfeld, real name Armand Jakobsson, gathered a few of his own unreleased tunes, including a track as Rimbaudian. The rest of the release features mostly exclusive material, which he sought from artists such as FaltyDL, Project Pablo, Mor Elian and J. Albert. There's also a strong showing of Melbourne talent, with András, Fantastic Man, Sleep D, Rudolf C, Roza Terenzi and others appearing on the tracklist. Having recently moved from Barcelona back to his hometown of Malmö, but still lacking his own studio space, Jakobsson ended up recording the set at the local club Inkonst. The compilation is due out next month, and as usual, it'll come on mixed formats along with a double-vinyl sampler. The labels says to expect "a steady dance floor pulse" with "slippery electro grooves, more cosmic synth work and dusty broken beats." Listen to DJ Seinfeld's "Typeless."
    Tracklist 01. DJ Seinfeld - I See U 02. Andras - Poets Day 03. Fantastic Man - False Consciousness 04. Rudolf C - Deep Sea Survivor 05. Rimbaudian - Simple Call 06. Roza Terenzi - Up In Smoke 07. Sleep D - Dawn Over Atlas 08. Hymns - Walrus 09. Rudolf C - Saber 10. FaltyDL - Freak Acid 11. Pepe - Victory Level 12. Project Pablo - Who's It For 13. DJ Seinfeld - Typeless 14. Mor Elian - Sci Si 15. Chela Una - Take Me 16. Reptant - Freq Accident 17. DJ Seinfeld - Triangle Echos 18. Shedbug - Ambroxitil 19. J.Albert - meXme 20. S.O.N.S - Dune 21. Lou Karsh - Seep !K7 will release DJ-Kicks: DJ Seinfeld on July 13th, 2018.